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Cabbage technology - Mounted harvester | MC-1020

Single row, mounted, with box filler conveyer to be used in combination with a transporting trailer with boxes

The MC-1020, is a mounted single-row cabbage harvester, with box filler conveyer to be used in combination with a transporting trailer with boxes It can be used for the mechanical harvesting of white cabbage, red cabbage and savoy cabbage and can thus replace the labour-intensive harvesting by hand. The machine is characterised by its high-conveying pick-up section. This allows the crop to be conveyed almost horizontally without drop steps onto a transporting trailer with boxes, which runs next to the machine. The harvest of the crop is extremely gentle, so that it can also be used for storage. The intake aligns the cabbage and fixes it with a mesh-web before two knife discs cut the stalk. This creates a particularly straight cut. The crop is then conveyed upwards, where a deflection with a foam scraper roller removes covering bracts of the cabbage. The cabbage can then be inspected on the picking table. The shiftable box filling conveyer gently transports the cabbage with a minimal drop into the boxes on a transport trailer driving next to harvester.


  • High level of crop protection due to manual filling of boxes.
  • Exact straight cut of the stalk for high crop quality.
  • Labour savings through mechanical harvesting.
  • The compact design of the mounted machine facilitates manoeuvring at the headland.
  • Minimum drop steps, when loading boxes on a trailer

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Cutting unit with one smooth and one serrated cutting disc
  • Conveyor with mesh-web PLUS
  • Transfer web with foam scraper roller
  • Picking table, width 630 mm
  • Storage space for 2 boxes behind the machine - manual filling of the boxes
  • Wheels 600/65 R30
  • Operator unit for switching on / off hydraulic features

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