GRIMME Ireland Equipment Ltd.

Test track

Test track


Located right next to motorway A1 and the self-propelled harvester factory, the new test track for self-propelled harvesters from GRIMME.

The family company GRIMME from Damme (Germany) has opened a test track for self-propelled harvesters in the industrial area of "Niedersachsenpark" in Rieste (Germany), which is over 800 metres long and 10 metres wide. Circular tests can be carried out in the asphalt turning area of the test track and endurance tests can be carried out on a 150 metre long bad road section. In addition, new products can be tested intensively even before they are launched on the market and these results can immediately be incorporated into continuous improvements. Initial commissioning after production of the self-propelled harvesters is also much easier and ensures the customer a trouble-free machine that is ready for immediate use.

The test track will also be used for intensive training with service technicians and customers to learn how to handle self-propelled harvesters in a safe environment.