GRIMME Ireland Equipment Ltd.




The two-row elevator harvester SELECT 200 is suitable for diverse and changing operating conditions.

The machine impresses with numerous advanced developments, such as the unique ActiveSteering system and a road transport width of less than 3 metres.

The elevator harvester SELECT 200 with ridge pressure regulation "TerraTronic".

Infinitely variable main web drives
All main webs can be equipped with the patented, infinitely adjustable and reversible VarioDrive, which combines the advantages of a mechanical and hydraulic drive. In conjunction with "Speedtronic-Web", the conveying speed of all main webs is automatically adjusted, relating to the load and driving speed.

Wide range of different separators
The unique variety of separators allows optimal adaptation to different harvesting conditions. For example the machine can be equipped with a MultiSep, a double MultiSep, roller separators (RollerSep) or the fine haulm elevator(HaulmSep), featuring various automatic functions. For maximum separation performance, even the combination of a double separator and blower (TurboSep) is possible for the first time. For maximum crop protection, the separators can now be set at a more downward angle so that the conveying capacity increases compared to the separating capacity.

The combination of MultiSep and Blower (TurboSep) enables maximum separation performance with large quantities of haulm.

Completely revised machine operation & monitoring
Operation of the SELECT 200 is convenient and is done via ISOBUS as standard. Either the ISOBUS operator terminal of the tractor or the ISOBUS operator terminals type CCI 800 or CCI 1200 can be used for this purpose. The intuitive user interface allows drivers to quickly find their way around, making it easy to configure the wide range of automatic functions, such as Speedtronic-Web and Speedtronic-Elevator. The connection to myGRIMME, which comes as standard, makes it possible to exchange machine- and task data with the farm's own farm management system via the agrirouter. With the video system "SmartView", which was awarded a silver medal by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for its unique features, the driver maintains an overview of the entire machine.

CCI 1200 terminal and SmartView for visualisation of numerous machine functions.

ActiveSteering - The new way of steering
The automatic axle steering increases comfort at the headland, reduces the turning circle and enables optimal guidance into the row. When driving on the road, the system behaves like a classic forced steering system, which relieves the driver. With ActiveSteering, GRIMME has succeeded in designing an electronically controlled, hydraulic steering system that does not require an additional coupling point on the tractor. When cornering, the target angle of the wheel position is calculated without contact and the axle is actively controlled. Manual override is possible at any time. The system can be run in various modes, which can be selected via ISOBUS operator terminal.

Extra wide Cart elevator - also for lateral discharge
Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a 1200 mm wide elevator. The lower speed at the same throughput rate improves gentle crop handling. For onions and carrots, the wider elevator can increase the throughput. In addition, the lateral discharge, which is used for enriched harvesting processes, has been developed further so that it can be folded in from the cab to less than 3.00 m road transport width.

Folded-out lateral discharge, to be used in case of "enriched" / fortified harvesting processes.

Comfortable working position
With the new comfort packages, height-adjustable steps are available on the picking table, which provide the picking personnel with a comfortable working height. Also available are a waterproof storage box, paddings on the picking table, drink holders and a 15-litre hand wash tank. Thanks to the new lighting on the picking table, the picking staff and the driver have a good overview of the crop flow, even in the dark.
The optional weather roof, available with or without side panels, protects the picking crew in all weathers. The white roof tarp is colour-neutral and supports the reliable recognition of green tubers. Combined with the nets on the sides, the picking staff is provided with ideal ventilation while being protected from dust at the same time. A ladder with handrail also makes it easier to get into the machine to carry out maintenance work.

Cross-border road approval
The telescopic axle enables a road transport width of less than 3.00 m. This means that the machine (version without picking table) is certified with full EU type approval. Especially when reselling within the EU, this approval is advantageous, as no national individual approval has to be issued for registration.

The axle of the machine is completely shifted out in field mode.